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How to Find the Right Hairdresser for You

If you’re challenged by the idea of finding your perfect partner, wait till you have to find your ideal hairdresser. We’ve all been there, done that – enter uncharted hair territory, make teary-eyed exit. If you need a new hairdresser for whatever reason, don’t take it too lightly. You know the scenario after a botched haircut.

Here are tips to help you find the right hairdresser for you:

Seek referrals.

The best path to a good hairdresser is usually word of mouth. If you have a friend, relative, coworker or acquaintance who sports a nice do or hair color, ask them who did it. When you go to that salon, tell the hairdresser who referred you and you can even get a discount.

Try them with a blowout.

This is the safest way to check out a salon without giving any major commitments. While you’re there, observe how everyone works. Do they keep chatting or are they absorbed in their tasks?

Be familiar with your products.

Are you obsessed with certain brands? Take time to check them out on the Internet. In most cases, manufacturers will have a salon locator on their websites, which you can use to check for local salons that may be using their products.

Read reviews online.

If you got your prospect without any personal referral, you will have to do a bit of research about them. You want to get a general vibe of the hairdresser, depending on the things that other people say about them. Visit trusted consumer watchdog websites and read the reviews posted by real people there. Stay away from marketing websites, however, as these are tainted with biases.

Explore social media sites.

Hairdressers usually have an Instagram handle or hashtag that lets you see the work they do from day to day. Go and take advantage of that Internet convenience. Also go to their Facebook page and pay attention to the comments. You will surely find plenty of clues.

Look for chemistry.

When you have a prospect, call them and just get a conversation going about your hair, your plans with it, etc. Just get a feel for the hairdresser’s personality. Of course, you’d like it to fit with yours. You should just have one person handling your hair. Someone you’re comfortable with as though a friend and can make recommendations based on your personal style. Once you find that hairdresser, stick to them and have a real relationship work. Remember, we’re talking about your hair. It’s no good to gamble.

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