How Does Travel LPN Staffing Work?

Licensed practical nurses provide vital services in medical facilities and in the field. Organizations that travel throughout the world to provide health care require these nurses. The nurses assess the vitals of patients, administer IV bags, and perform basic first aid. The nurses also connect patients to life support devices in critical situations. The following is a review of how travel LPN staffing works.

Reviewing Available Positions and Requirements

The recruiters review available positions and their requirements. Each organization provides a list of job descriptions for all licensed practical nurses. This will include any certifications or specialties that are required according to where the nurses will travel. The recruiters compare the requirements to the qualifications of each candidate.

Verifying Details About LPNs

The staffing agency must verify all details presented by the candidates. This includes their license, certifications, and work history. The LPN must have a license that allows them to travel and provide care in different regions. They must possess current certifications for life support and for their specialties. The recruiters contact the nurse’s previous employers and verify their employment. Once the details are verified, the candidate proceeds to the next step.

Background Checks and Vaccination Records

All nursing professionals must submit to a criminal background check. Traveling nurses cannot possess a criminal record. The recruiters must obtain a signed consent form from each nursing professional to conduct the criminal background check.

Additionally, traveling nurses are required to obtain certain vaccinations. They must keep an updated vaccination record based on the regions in which they are traveling. The recruiter provides details about these regions and all vaccine requirements. The nurse cannot start working in the field until they receive all necessary vaccinations.

Scheduling Interviews and Assessments

Interviews are scheduled for all LPNs that qualify for traveling nurse positions. The medical facility has the right to hire the nursing professional on a full-time or temporary basis. The employer performs assessments to determine if the candidate qualifies for a position.

Traveling nursing positions are highly coveted. They provide an opportunity to provide health care to individuals who don’t have access to care. They also enable the nurses to acquire major tax benefits based on their status. Candidates who want to review possible positions contact a recruiter right now.