Your Skin Will Look Amazing After a Skin Chemical Peel

Everyone wants to be able to have beautiful skin that makes them feel confident in their appearance. Chemical peels can smoothe the texture of the skin, reduce the signs of premature aging, increase firmness, and brighten the skin. With this information, individuals will better understand what they can expect from the recovery process after a chemical peel.

What Happens During the Procedure?

Most everyone has likely seen pictures of people who have undergone chemical peels that made their skin bright red and flaky. Today’s chemical peels are much milder and allow individuals to have their skin treated without the truly harsh side-effects.

During the treatment, it is entirely normal for a person to feel some tingling and itching. This means the chemical peel is working by penetrating into the skin. The solution will be painted on the face and allowed to sit for a very specific period of time.

Once the time is up, the chemical peel solution will be removed with a water rinse and then a thick ointment is applied to soothe the skin and help facilitate the healing process. The length of the healing process will depend on the depth of the chemical peel.

What Can Be Expected During the Healing Process?

Today’s newer chemical peel options offer fast healing with very little downtime if any. It is important a person does not exfoliate for at least forty-eight hours after their chemical peel procedure because the skin will be more sensitive than normal.

It is important patients follow the advice of their doctor for using the right skincare treatment products to help their skin recover and stay healthy. It is also especially important a person protects their skin from sun exposure so it does not become damaged by the sun’s UV rays.

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