5 Types Of People Who Should Not Consider Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery can change many people’s lives for the better, but it isn’t for everyone. In some cases, plastic surgery can do more harm than good, and certain types of people should not consider it. Plastic surgery is not recommended in the following cases.

Wanting To Please Someone Else

Unfortunately, too many people are pushed into plastic surgery to fulfill the expectations of others. In some cases, a peer group puts a lot of pressure on an individual to conform to certain beauty standards. Pressure can also come from a boyfriend or girlfriend who wants their partner to fulfill a certain ideal. It’s important to consider one’s motivations and make sure they come from the inside, not the outside.

Wanting Someone Else’s Face

Plastic surgeons can help their patients improve their appearance, but they can’t do magic. When patients come in requesting a celebrity’s nose or other features, the doctor should make them aware that their own facial structure and skin will have a significant impact on the outcome of the surgery. It’s really not possible to get someone else’s nose, lips, or eyes.

Having An Unhealthy Lifestyle

When patients don’t have a healthy lifestyle that involves regular exercise and nutritious meals, they are not able to maintain the results of cosmetic work. For example, a patient who smokes will enjoy only momentary benefits from a facelift, since cigarette smoke causes the skin to age more rapidly than normal. In addition, patients who get liposuction to remove fat will see the fat return in no time if they gain weight.

Wanting Plastic Surgery Too Early In Life

It is common for teenagers to request plastic surgery, and some parents are willing to consider it. However, it is almost never a good idea for adolescents to get cosmetic surgery because their bodies are not fully developed. Their bones will continue to grow, and hormonal changes will also affect the way they develop, so it’s important to wait until the body is completely mature before getting a cosmetic procedure.

When patients seek plastic surgery for the right reasons, they are often very pleased with the result, and many describe how plastic surgery has improved their confidence. To learn more, check out Dr Zacharia’s Twitter page.